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How can I begin affirming my sexuality as a queer woman while obeying God’s commands?

I recently have been aware of how toxic the purity culture is and have found sources where Christian women are challenging its dangerous assumptions and implications. How can I begin affirming my sexuality as a queer woman while obeying God’s commands?

Well I am pleased as punch that you are detoxing your mind and body from all things purity culture… it is some dirty sticky stuff and getting clean is good hard liberating life-long work. Congratulations!

Might I suggest that you take the same approach to detoxing your spirit?

The tricky thing about “obeying God’s commands” is that one has to figure out, which are G-d’s commands, and which ones are false man-made decrees cloaked in god language for the purpose of gaining power and control over our bodies, minds, and spirits.

That is a sorting process that no one else can do for you, Beloved. It is part of growing mature in your faith, and leaving behind the blind obedience of youth.

What G-d desires for your precious life as a treasured queer woman of faith is a conversation between you and your Creator, but here is the measuring stick we use here at Soulforce: any theology that leads to isolation, fear, or death is bad theology. Period.

Same goes for sacred text, doctrine, tradition, or scriptural interpretation.

I wholeheartedly believe in a Creator who is wild about life, just over the moon about all Creation living full, abundant, YES! YES! YES! kind of lives. Watch out for anything that tries to shame or coerce you into being silent or inauthentic -- that’s not G-d!

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