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Accidental Tomatoes (2023)
In this episode guest hosts Jenny Williams and Krysta Rexrode Wolfe talk with Reverend Sex about queerness, activism, healing from spiritual violence, the good news of God in Appalachia, and what it means to be “antagonistically alive.” Listen here.
In episode four of Go With Grace, Soulforce Co-Executive Director Rev. Alba Onofrio and Kinship Minister Grace Nichols discuss the theological resource "Breaking Open Biblical Literalism and Inerrancy". Listen here.
Jubilee!'s July 31st Sunday Celebration, "Let the River of Great Expectations Run" led by Alba Onofrio with Yona FrenchHawk, Susie Davis, Nancy Hayes & Friends, and Ryan Crabtree & the World Beat Band featuring Paula Hanke. Watch here.
Jubilee!'s March 6th Sunday Celebration, "Crossing the Threshold of When Is Enough" led by Alba Onofrio. Watch here.
Encuentros Latinxs (2020)
Stories of spirituality, culture, and identity from Latinx perspectives. This podcast is a project of Proyecto Encuentros de Gracia y Bienvenida, an LGBTQ Latinx ministry in the United Church of Christ. 

Reverend Sex names the insidious project of whiteness to claim Latinxs who feel distanced from their heritage, unpacks the complexities of mixed identity, and names this force called “Christian Supremacy.” Listen here.
El coloquio abre un espacio de diálogo interdisciplinario, especialmente desde la filosofía, para que la reflexión crítica, el intercambio de experiencias y la actualización profesional que alimente el trabajo docente, el investigativo y la acción social, todo desde la perspectiva de derechos humanos de la diversidad sexual. Rvda. Alba Onofrio dio conferencias sobre el tema de familias diversas en la Biblia. Enlace aquí.
Acortando Distancias (2020)
Conversamos sobre un acercamiento liberador a la Biblia. Escucha aquí.
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Las de Magdala Podcast (2020)
Las de Magdala son mujeres creyentes promoviendo la Teología Feminista. Buscamos aportar para una sociedad más justa y equitativa "donde quepamos todas y todos. "Compartimos una teología inclusiva y liberadora como resistencia al sistema patriarcal tanto en la sociedad como en las instituciones eclesiales. Contamos nuestras experiencias y las de nuestras aliadas en el continente.
En este capítulo conversamos con nuestra invitada especial Reverenda Alba Onofrio, acerca de Teología Feminista, Teología Queer, Erotismo, Sexualidad, Sexo, y nuestras luchas como Creyentes Feministas. Escucha aquí.
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Q de Cuir Revista (2019)
Un artículo sobre la violencia espiritual y como niega el valor sagrado de las personas LGBTQI.
Q de Cuir es una revista digital cubana para el empoderamiento de las personas LGBTIQ+ a partir de una información centrada en nuestra realidad y necesidades. Haga clic aquí para seguir leyendo.
2019-12-08.png Radio (2019)
OutFront: Queer Latinx Reverend Confronts Hate in Charlottesville (2018)
"Rev. Alba Onofrio joined 1,000 other clergy members in Charlottesville on Saturday to peacefully confront white nationalist “Unite the Right” protesters." Read here.
Thinking God Podcast (2017)
Thinking God is weekly podcast featuring discussions with writers, speakers, educators and artists who take spirituality seriously and who share the conclusion that hope is still a viable option. Listen here.
New York Times (2017)
En una entrevista, Reverendx Sex se rebeló en contra de esta estructura, y explicó que tener una “x” es una manera de reconocer lo politizada que es una lengua. Haga clic aquí para leer.
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Sex for Smart People (2016)
Rev. Alba Onofrio shares about their journey to embracing relationship and family beyond default scripts/labels and their work as spiritual director of Soulforce, holding authenticity and intentionality as paramount, fighting for the lives of queer and trans people everywhere!

We collectively address listener questions including: How do I raise my son when I see the world as such a hostile and terrifying place, especially after the Pulse massacre? A bisexual cis woman in a relationship with a straight cis dude wonders: do I have a right to claim the term queer? We also jam about the connection of Christian Supremacy to rape culture, consent that goes far deeper than the tactical or “asking permission”, and queer identity as a rallying cry / call to action / politically based orientation to the world based in an experience of marginalization. Shout outs about the book “Revolutionary Mothering: Love On the Front Lines” to which Alba contributed, the movie “Captain Fantastic”, the Sexual Liberation Collective, and Soulforce’s healing take on the Sodom and Gomorrah story. Click here to listen.
Lord Have Mercy (2016)
Lord Have Mercy is a podcast about God, sex, and the Bible from the creator of Our Bible App, Crystal Cheatham.

In this episode, Crystal and Reverend Sex get deep and personal when they discuss the sensuality of Song of Solomon. Click here to listen.
30 Seconds or Less (2016)
Thirty Seconds or Less is the world’s shortest podcast, a flash mob of ideas, hundreds of voices exploring the art of elimination. If you can’t say it in thirty seconds, you’re probably not ready to say it at all. Click here to listen.
Velvet Lips On Air (2014)
Velvet Lips ON AIR is proud to have the Sexual Liberation Collective on the show! We will be discussing how you can free your sexual self, based on the multitude of identities that may comprise you. Everything from race to spirituality will be discussed and we will share our stories and show you how you can free yourself! Click here to listen.
Soulforce Spirit Resource Library
Soulforce creates accessible, spiritually-healing political and theological resources in English and Spanish that center our commitment to justice for all marginalized people. These resources are made to demystify and rethink fundamentalist ideologies while offering new approaches to the Bible and Christian theology. Click here to access and download free resources.
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Violencia Espiritual y fenómenos religiosos que abusan de la fe (2022)
Voices from the Ancestors: Xicanx and Latinx Spiritual Expressions and Healing Practices (2019)
Screen Shot 2023-02-14 at 10.23.18 PM.png
Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines (2016)
Contact Reverend Sex via email for media requests & speaking engagements.
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