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Come to Church

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Teología Sin Vergüenza es un podcast para dar a conocer personas que son descaradamente Cristianas o teólogas y también descaradamente activistas y/o personas cuir.


Somos las sinvergüenzas, producimos teología que hace venir la justicia. ¿Eres tú una de nosotras? Visítanos en Facebook o Youtube.

Find Me At:

Preaching at Jubilee! Celebration

Jubilee! is a spirit-led community that welcomes everyone from everywhere on any spiritual path. Strongly committed to social and environmental justice, we join together to create a compassionate, just and sustainable world.


Creating Change Conference

The U.S.'s largest LGBTQ activist conference for community- and skills-building, celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Allied Media Conference

A collaborative laboratory of media-based organizing strategies.

Sex Down South Conference

A yearly educational conference in Atlanta, GA, that celebrates the ever-evolving field of human sexuality.

Wild Goose Festival

A four-day art, music, and story-driven experience grounded in faith-inspired social justice.

Mystic Soul Conference

A People of Color-Centered gathering of voices, practices & dialogue on contemplation, action and healing.

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