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The Confessional

What’s the significance behind the annotation of “G-d”?

What’s the significance behind the annotation of “G-d”?


Out of respect for my own tradition, I write the name of the Divine as I have been taught since childhood.

Out of reverence for the Source of Life and utter humility and awe toward the Creator of Cosmos, I delete the middle letter as a sign of protest and rebellion.

We have been told exactly who GOD is: Father/ Son/ Judge/ Savior/ King for so long and with such death-dealing results, that I want to literally create more space in the name of the sacred One who birthed us all.

It is my hope that many, like me, can find ourselves there, on the hyphen between G and d, in that liminal, in-between space.

A place for the Spirit to move, a place for new life, a new way of knowing ourselves within the Divine, and respecting the ways that we will never be able to fully comprehend such a vast and glorious Creator, so we ought to be careful about how we call G-d in.

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